We help organisations in the Agri-food to integrate innovation into existing or new practices.

A straightforward and jargon-free approach that helps you and your team leverage new technologies and processes to stay ahead.


<aside> 💡 We operate on the nexus, integrating all aspects building resilience and helping you grasp opportunities.



What's the problem?

Organisations are experiencing an increasing level of turbulence and uncertainty!

<aside> ⚠️ Let's be honest, a lot is going on and it is not easy to stay on top of things!


We are here to help by building resilience and leverage changes into opportunities!

Here's how:

Context Mapping

We put your organisation central, and the solutions are tailored specifically to you and your environment. Together, we map out your context. The needs are defined followed by the identification of limitations and their respective levels of stringency. The main goal is to understand the current condition and help to evolve smoothly and effectively into a new state.


<aside> 🌀 Understanding your specific context is central in our approach.


Design & Development


Once a problem in its context is identified, solutions become accessible. Our approach, however, focuses on synergy and systems thinking taking the long-term goals into account. We provide cumulative value, where the solution goes beyond solving a problem also creating new layers of value.

<aside> 🧩 Going beyond solving a problem by new interconnected layers of value.


Adoption & Change Management

The biggest difficulty with adoption or change is the human component, attitudes and ways-of-doing. Our focus goes to identifying the adaptive ability of the team or people affected by the transition. A tailored approach is presented to make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.


<aside> 🧠 Innovative solutions are great, but they don't matter much if there is no adoption!


What do you need?

Innovation Workshops - Design Thinking

We define design as visual communication of a dynamic system, complemented with a focus on its interaction with the context.

A Design Thinking workshop is a hands-on session. It is all about problem-solving and innovation through collaboration and co-creation. Depending on your needs and goals, a design thinking workshop can last a few hours, a day or even a week. The problem-solving collaborative approach helps integrating innovation into your organisation and secure a competitive advantage.


Technology Design & Development

Digital technologies offer great opportunities to streamline processes and activities. Our strength lies in translating complex processes and systems into intuitive digital frameworks. We take agility and resilience as our starting points, keeping your long-term vision in mind.

<aside> 💻 Our technological expertise is in ⇒ Digital Platforms ⇒ Blockchain applications ⇒ Machine Learning




Nexible Solutions focusses on providing strategic and operational consulting services to organisations of all sizes who operate or have an interest in the nexus of agrifood, technology and economics. We provide a range of services to assist you and your organisation in building resilience and value.


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